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Flower Press and Blotting Paper Refill Bundle

Flower Press and Blotting Paper Refill Bundle

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Introducing our Flower Press and Blotting Paper Refill Bundle, the perfect solution for preserving and displaying your pressed flowers. This bundle includes a wooden press and specialized blotting paper sheets to give you the best results. 

🌼 Get the ultimate flower pressing experience with our bundle including a high-quality wooden flower press and blotting paper refill.

🌼 Save money and get more value by purchasing the bundle instead of buying the press and paper separately.

🌼 The wooden press and specialized herbarium sheets work together to remove excess moisture and dry flowers evenly, making your pressings better than before.

🌼 The reusable blotting paper and our durable wooden press are both designed for longevity and convenience, making this bundle a great investment for any flower pressing enthusiast.

🌼 Don't settle for less, choose our bundle for the best results and the most professional-looking pressed flowers.

Set Includes:

Berstuk Flower Press and Berstuk Blotting Paper Refill Pack

Berstuk Flower press

  • Two (2) wooden boards 
  • Four (4) sets of brass bolts, wing nuts, and washers
  • Eight (8) Sheets of Berstuk Blotting Paper
  • Four (4) Pieces of thick cardboard
  • User manual


  • Dimensions 10.8'' x 6.9''
  • Wooden boards are made of sustainably sourced ply basswood
  • Bolts, washers, and wing nuts are made of golden-colored brass
  • Berstuk Blotting Paper is acid-free

Blotting Paper Refill Pack

  • 24 x Berstuk Blotting Paper Refill Sheets


  • Each sheet is 5.9 inch x 10 inch
  • The paper is acid-free
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Designed by Artists for Artists

Each element of our Flower Press was thoughtfully designed with help of many professional flower preservation artists to ensure maximum longevity and ease of use.