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Blotting Paper Refill 5.9" x 10"

Blotting Paper Refill 5.9" x 10"

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This Blotting Paper Refill is specially designed for pressing flowers. It absorbs excess moisture. The paper is used by thousands of artists around the globe and we have worked hard to make sure what you get is the best quality blotting paper out there.

🌼 Better and more even drying of your flowers. Our specialist blotting sheets are designed to soak up excess moisture from your pressed flowers so they'll dry evenly, reducing the risk of molding and ruining your blooms.

🌼 Use straight awayOur Blotting Paper Refill is the same as our original blotting paper and it's already cut to fit the Berstuk Flower Press. We prepped it for you, so you can focus on pressing more of your favourite blooms.

🌼 Big pack with lots of spare sheetsWe found that if you're doing a large volume of pressings, it's much easier when you can have each sheet of paper already sized for the press and ready to change in a click of a finger.

🌼 Non-Toxic. We use acid-free paper to protect your flower pressings and help you achieve the best results possible.

The Burstuk Blotting Paper Refill for Flower Press is a unique and highly absorbent product, especially designed to deal with the delicate nature of flower pressing. Each pack contains 24 sheets of acid-free blotting paper.

The secret to beautiful pressed flowers is all in the paper. 

Set  Includes:

  • 24 x Berstuk Blotting Paper Refill Sheets


  • Each sheet is 5.9 inch x 10 inch
  • The paper is acid-free
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Designed by Artists for Artists

Each element of our Flower Press was thoughtfully designed with help of many professional flower preservation artists to ensure maximum longevity and ease of use.